Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Are You Reading Read Aloud Dad?

From the first time I first read a blog post by Read Aloud Dad I have been a faithful follower. I love reading, I love family and I simply adore the fact that this blog focuses on the unification of both. Read Aloud Dad takes his role seriously as dad, as reader and as a children's book reviewer. I love his policy on reviewing books:
"I review only the best children's books available - I buy what I review.

In the beginning I considered whether to accept books for reviews, then ... after a long think ... I decided against it.

Read Aloud Dad's - "I review only what I buy" policy - provides more freedom and I can be true to my opinion."
In my most recent reading of his blog, I am happy to report that Read Aloud Dad has revealed his origin story in How Reading Aloud Made Me A Better Father. I believe this post is a must read for all who have some relationship with young children. Read Aloud Dad takes us through the steps of his realization of the power of reading with his children
"Children's books almost magically opened up the the channels of communication. They broke down all the walls. "
How many of us have experienced this same idea - either through being read to or by sharing the reading experience with a child ourselves?

I highly recommend that everyone check out this blog. Read Aloud Dad's recommendations are so fantastically thought out (I have already purchased his Pinocchio book of choice for my cousin's daughter) and filled with the best intentions. Within each post is the outpouring of one man's love for his two children - this blog and the work he does to inspire each post is, undeniably, a labor of love.


  1. Hello there Nicole!

    You asked "Are You Reading, Read Aloud Dad?"

    So here I am - to let you know - I'm reading!

    (I had to make a play on the title of your post, I simply couldn't resist!)

    This is sooo great of you to give me such a fantastic shoutout on Rivera Runs Through It! (Kudos for such a smashing name for your blog as well!)

    It is so rewarding for a blogger to read such a thoughtful assessment of his/her blog.

    But the most important thing for me is that you have found some of my posts useful. I was especially happy to hear that your cousin's daughter will be enjoying the beautiful edition of Pinocchio!

    It's so nice to have this almost invisible connection to a happy kid that will enjoy a great book - thanks to you!

    In fact, it is great to share my thoughts with friends like you, as we clearly are on the same wavelength.

    Nicole, with the help of readers like you I have adapted my blog over time to be more interesting and relevant.

    I've learned to relax and adjust and let my blog take its course, instead of planning too much.

    The power of adaptation.

    I guess you know all about it.

    "So it's not Home Sweet Home. Adjust!"

    (What a nice first post on your blog. Loved it!)

    Read Aloud Dad

    BTW, do you know I used the very same background for my blog for a week or two last year? I liked it too. Talk about coincidences!

  2. Thank you for swinging by to read, Read Aloud Dad :)

    Your invisible connections to kids all over the place will just continue to grow, I seriously recommend you to any parents I meet and all the new parents cropping up around me (I am always the person buying books for baby shower gifts and the such, so people expect this from me!).

    Just keep up the fantastic work for you children and the rest of us attentively "listening" :)