Monday, March 7, 2011

My New Role As A Contributing Author

Last week I was greeted with a pretty exciting e-mail. It was an offer to join the team on The IH Brain Pain Blogs. While I had never collaborated like this via the Internet before, I was exciteed by the invitation - I am always hoping I can find a way to help raise awareness about my disease, Intracranial Hypertension and blogging seems to be something I can do safely on days that I am feeling well. I accepted the offer and am happy to say I am part of the team!

This afternoon I posted my first post on the blog entitled 5 Ways I Have Kept My Sanity as an IH Patient. I would love it if you would come check it out! It will give you an idea about IH, tell you just a little bit more about me and, once you are there you can check out what my fellow authors are up to as well!


  1. Sorry you have to go through this but congrats on the honor of contributing!

  2. Thanks, Sarita. And, no worries about what I have to go through - we all have our own pebbles on our path!