Wednesday, May 25, 2011

3 Quickie Lessons from My First Day at Blog World Expo New York 2011

Join me at the BlogWorld & New Media Expo in New York, May 24-26, 2011!
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I did it. I ventured forth and, on my own, with tickets given to me as a gift from my husband, I experienced the first full day of my very first Blogger's Convention. Needless to say, after a day on my own traveling back and forth to the big city after nearly one full year of being on medical leave and doing... well... nothing, I am exhausted. Therefore, this will be a quick run-down of some of the stand-out lessons for me with promises of more in-depth posts to come (I really hope I make sense here and don't babble too much)!

Lesson 1: This whole social media, blogging, Internet thing is not just about communication, it is about RELATIONSHIPS.
This was a theme reiterated by many of the speakers I saw today. In one way or another, the moral of the story is if you want more followers, if you are looking for your audience, if you want to have genuine, sincere comments and conversations with the people of the World Wide Web, then you had better be thinking first and foremost about how you are building your relationships with these people.
"Amazing things start to happen when you converse for the sake of conversing..."

Lesson 2: Nothing "sells" better than an authentic YOU and PASSION.
Again, words spoken by many, and not things I heard for the first time here either. Each of the speakers I saw today were blogging about things close to their heart, things they were passionate about and it showed.
"If you are not passionate about what you are doing - find something else to do!" 

Lesson 3: The Nerd Within Might Be Exactly What You Should be Proud Of.
Just hours after feeling ashamed for letting all of my geek-goo go all over the Twitterverse, I found out, that perhaps the persona I so proudly flaunted in my classroom should also have a place in my web space!
I am a nerd, to ignore such things, or leave out such telling details separates me from my readers because they do not know the authentic me without it. Your nerd within doesn't have to be so nerdy (I mean, honestly, could I be any more cliche? Comic books, math, calculators???) - you might be a grilling nerd or a knitting nerd, who knows? Only you know, until you let us in on your juicy secret!
"Tell me about your inner geek... You don't have to go open kimono!" 

Bonus Lesson from BEA: Free Books are Awesome, But Quickly Become Heavy!
As a bonus with the admission to BlogWorld, I also get access to the exhibitor floor of the Book Expo that is housed in Javits Center as well.  Considering I am a book lover I could not pass up this opportunity and hopped in during the lunch break between blogging panels. These people are just giving away books! In some cases, the authors are there to autograph them for me!! I was in heaven, until the weight of my decision became a reality when walking eleven city blocks to my express bus home. I have not yet come up with a better action plan for tomorrow... I will sleep on it.
"This was a bad idea." 
~my left knee, my foot, my right shoulder, my lower back, and, of course, my ACHING HEAD

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  1. AAAAA you got to go to BEA??? **dies of jealousy

  2. It Is really amazing. I barely scratched the surface of their floor in the hour and a half I walked it. I am going to go back to attack it again tomorrow. I think it took me about 30 minutes before I truly understood what I was in the middle of!! Once the first person GAVE ME a book, I thought, "Wait a second... What? All those booths... All those books...!!!"
    In all the conventions I have been to the one thing no one has ever given away (and the one thing I would desire above all others) is books! I told my husband (a high school English teacher!!) that he and his department NEED to get involved in this whole bea thing next year!!!

  3. People giving away books? Sounds like heaven!!

  4. Thanks for breaking it down in "bite-sized" pieces! It sounds like you could easily be overwhelmed at a conference!

  5. The book part heaven indeed :) as for conferences being overwhelming, this conference is a cake-walk compared to the New York Comic Con! And it is also much easier when you don't have the pressure of being a speaker. When merely attending, I kick it old-school and take notes using a (GASP!) notebook and a pen. This is not as easy as it once was with my current vision problems, but it is how I learn best!

  6. So jealous of the free book!

    Thanks for sharing these pearls of wisdom!


  7. sounds like an awesome experience. I'm still waiting to get to go to my first blogging conference. It is one of my goals for next year.

    And as for the free books, I WANT SOME TOO!


  8. Nicole,
    Loved this post! I have been mia for a while since our group was together, been struggling with panic and anxiety a bit and been off of the social media circuit, i'm running "the challenge" again and hope to catch back up with everyone! i have missed everyone and chatting and hope to hear from some other ladies and see if anyone else has had "panic" in their lives? new part of my blog! lol

  9. Oh I am so jealous. Thank you for writing this. Going to check out if you have written any more since.

  10. Allison,
    More are coming... slowly but surely. I must digest them and fiddle with all the things I learned about. I plan on posting more specifically about panels I went to and sharing some of the cool tools I learned about from the exhibitors while there. The floor was small enough that I was able to engage nearly very vendor in an in-depth conversation about their product(s) - that was pretty cool! As for now, I just added my 3 take-aways from day 2 over the weekend (

    Shelley, I'm all-in for 31DBBB again! Rivera Runs Through It needs the ProBlogger treatment (and deserves it!), so that will be my focus! Getting ready for it and hoping I don't get too distracted by the sunny days as the challenge moves forward :)

    Thanks everyone for stumbling this post! I highly recommend attending a blogging conference if you get the chance. I am hoping to save up my pennies for next year!!