Monday, May 9, 2011

A Geek Family Examines the Geek Zodiac

As my husband and I were driving around putting our final touches on our Mother's Day gift for my mother-in-law and getting ready for dinner later on, I quickly took a glance at my TweetDeck and found a tweet from Attack of the Show about the Geek Zodiac. As a self-proclaimed geek, obsessed with all types of signs, married to a comic book guy I was quite intrigued. I decided to give it a go:
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As I read off the various "signs" on this list, my husband and I just started laughing. This was turning out to be quite ridiculous. I was about to close the image when my husband said, "Well? Does it tell you what our signs are?"

It was then that things started to get a little creepy.

  • My Husband I started with my husband, who, as I stated above, is a life-long comic-book guy. He loves superheroes, he is a really good guy - this is not just coming from me, it is an undeniable truth stated by anyone that knows him - it can be sickening sometimes. His sign, as a baby of 1975? Superhero. We both decided that was a bit freaky.
  • Me I was born in 1976, I scanned over: Undead*. This was a bit of a let-down. My husband and I felt this was a bit off, UNTIL I read the description, the characters associated with "Undead": Dracula, Eric Northman (ok, ok, I had to admit I do have a thing for vampires...), Zombies, (then I screamed the next two), BUFFY, THE GHOSTBUSTERS. My husband actually took his eyes off the road, "You're joking!" You see, my dog's name is Buffy. I wear my Buffy the Vampire the Slayer T-shirts weekly, I own the entire series, I also own all of Angel and can't resist following Bones. Also, in terms of the rest of the description it was spot on. We were now a bit freaked out by this "silly" geek zodiac.
As we let it settle and my husband asked me to re-read the descriptions. We were "wow-ed." Then it occurred to me, "Who else do we know? My brother, your brother! Let's see!!"
  • My Little Brother The former Marine, currently re-enlisting. He's a cop. He's always wanted to get into "intelligence." He was on his way up when mom got sick and he chose family over moving forward. He was born in 1980 making his sign a spooky spot-on Spy
  • My Brother-in-Law is twelve years younger than his brother and was shown by him and his father the world of comics. He too, is a Superhero.
When we got to the restaurant for the Mother's Day dinner we were waiting for our table. I informed my brother-in-law of his status as Superhero which then sparked a conversation with everyone. We then continued exploring the people we know:
  • Mother-in-Law  She is a lover of sales, finding anything the family needs and a coupon or sale that will get it. She also loves and immerses herself in the family culture. I will be a lady, and not reveal her year of birth, but she is a Treasure Hunter!
  • Father-in-Law The man to go to with your questions. Many in the family come to him with questions about legal paperwork, financial decisions, directions to get places and he often, magically, provides all of us with beautiful prints and videos of any media. Not surprisingly (now that we were all converted believers in the Geek Zodiac), his sign is that of the Wizard.
After all of this I was a believer. My brother-in-law asked what the other signs were, when I got to "Daikaiju" I just said, "I have no idea what the heck that is. Then I read more closely as he explained to me (he has spent a lot of time in Japan) - it is those MegaMonsters like Godzilla and KingKong. I did a quick glance at the years to see if there was anyone I knew who fit the mold. I doubted it, but there was the year 1978. The year my cousin was born. He is a center of attention, larger-than-life kind of character. He just started his own business. Their name is T-REXX.

That was it. The Geek Zodiac may be the most accurate zodiac signs I have seen in a long time. Brilliant work geektyrant 
What is YOUR geek sign? Does it fit?

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  1. It is brilliant work, and rather fun, but Geek Tyrant was merely amongst the first sites to disseminate it, whereas it was in fact devised and designed by two people who, although big fans of Geek Tyrant (hence why they initially sent it there), are otherwise not associated with the site in any creative capacity.

    Credit is due to James Wright and Josh Eckert, respectively.

  2. Thank you so much for the info. I will update this post when I am at a computer instead of using my phone!
    Much appreciated!