Tuesday, May 31, 2011

An Impulse Done Right

The sun was high in the sky, the schedule was free and clear and the bikes were free from their dangerous overhanging hooks in the backyard shed. We were in the living room, on the couch, still in our PJs and deciding what to have for breakfast. "Let's go bike riding to the park today," I suggested hoping that my husband's yes would be all my muscle-atrophied body would need to make the trip a reality.

"OK, if you want to..." he responded, I think realizing that this would be one request that would haunt him every weekend until he finally acquiesced.

In an hour or so, we were finally out on the road. My shins were burning, my butt was aching, I was already panting harder than my overweight beagle after a mid-day walk around the block, but I was riding my bike - something I hadn't done in nearly 10 years! It was awesome, and I just hoped I wouldn't kill myself in this short ride.

When we reached the park and I could bask in the serenity of the lake before me, I knew it was all worth it. I needed this. I needed to be free, to be outside, to be moving and to be with nature on this beautiful day.

Sometimes I find myself in the throws of impulse when in the grocery store and I wonder, when I get home, how I ended up with so much stuff. Other times I find myself impulsively following someone on twitter, only later to realize that the one brilliant tweet I read of theirs that led to the follow was the beginning and end of their readable tweets. It becomes such that impulsiveness starts to grow a negative reputation, and yet this bike ride - a completely impulsive act made my Memorial Day Weekend!

I'm not really a planner, so impulse is a big part of my day to day. It feels extra special when one goes so perfectly right.


  1. Thanks for your sweet words on my post. It was a hard one to write...but SO much harder not to write..ya know?

    A couple of years ago my husband (fiance at the time) thought we could buy some bikes to help us get in shape (see, lifelong journey!!). We thought..how are could it be, I mean it was so easy when we were kids. HA!!! We nearly died in one blocks time. I could barely walk the next day.

  2. My husband can't believe me that my butt is STILL killing me! I SWEAR I feel exactly where that bike seat was!! I think many things that were "easy when we were kids" really weren't easy at all - it's just when that age we were ridiculous. We RAN to get anywhere. We were bursting with energy and we always healed really, really quickly!

    You ever fall and scrape your knee now that you are older? Doesn't that seem to last FOREVER?! As a kid, you;d cry for a second, get a bandaid and life went back to normal!

    I understand what you mean 100% when you say it would have been so much harder not to write. When you say that, it simply confirms even more that you are READY for this!! One day at a time, one step at a time, one moment at a time... You will get there! :)

  3. What is it about bike riding that is so romanticized in our adult minds? As a kid it was just a way to get from point A to point B. But as an adult it's so much more.
    Then you actually convince yourself to get on one and your butt hurts, your legs hurt, you get sunburn behind your knees...
    But when those aches go away, you start romanticizing about bike riding again.
    You're right, there's just something freeing about bikes.
    (Thanks for stopping by my blog.)

  4. I absolutely love a good bike ride, and I rarely, if ever have time for it.
    Glad your husband jumped (okay so maybe he didn't exactly jump) to get a chance to go on one with you and that you guys enjoyed the lake. That photo is beautiful. :)

  5. Just dropping by to say I love your tagline! :)

  6. swinging by from SITS- I loved your tagline and just had to stop by! I seriously haven't ridden a bike in about 10 years.. reading your post made me remember exactly how it felt... I need to get my behind on a bike... stat!

    I love the photo by the way!

  7. I am so not a planner too. But I am a biker! Good for you for taking a ride after 10 years, that's pretty impressive!

  8. Thanks for all the tagline love, everyone!!

    I am hoping for another ride this weekend as long as the weather (and my health) stays tame :)