Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Call to Action: Ban Fracking

The following is an excerpt from a post I just published on the Searching for Sustenance blog entitled "What the FRACK?!" It is important the word gets out to as many as possible, so I am sharing it here with you as well.

What The FRACK?!

image from the Green Cupboards Fracking Debate
Sometimes when I open my e-mail I get really disappointed.

Today was one such day, because today I saw an e-mail entitled "Obama's Plan to Frack."

I was hoping beyond hope that I read it wrong, or that it was some twisted play on words, but it was not. The subject line summarized the sadness within the e-mail itself, President Obama is planning to use fracking as a technique to unearth the natural gases his energy plan calls for.

What is Fracking and What's the Big Deal?

It is quite possible you have been hearing/reading this term "fracking" a lot lately, but, perhaps are still not really sure what it means. While I have read lots and lots of definitions for hydraulic fracturing (that's what "fracking" is short for), I think this video by Food & Water Watch does an excellent job of showing us what fracking is and why it is so risky.  CLICK HERE TO READ THE ENTIRE POST.

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