Friday, March 8, 2013

Book Spine Poetry

Book lovers, I know you adore seeing all your books on your shelves. I know you love looking at those book spines reminding you of your flights of fiction and fantasy. But how do you arrange them?
                                                      In size order?
                                                                               Organized by "read" and "not read"?

Take them down and let's get creative!

It's time for some book spine poetry! I first heard about this on Twitter from the fabulously creative Tui Snider (@mentalmosaic). Ever since, I've been meaning to drag my own books off the shelf and have some fun with it. Today I finally did.

What is Book Spine Poetry?

While I think the name is self explanatory, I don't like to make assumptions. Book spine poetry is the art of piling up your books one on top of another, with all of their spines facing the same way, creating a poem of sorts using the titles. Take a picture of your poem and you are done! Check out the 2012 Book Spine Poem Gallery from 100 Scope Notes for some fun examples.And then, here is mine:

Stress Pandemic
Falling Kingdoms
The End Of Men
The Last Policeman
The Last Man
In Disguise
Performance Art

And, finally, I wanted to read my poem to you. I hope you enjoy my dramatic delivery:

What do you think?
Have you created any book spine poetry?
Is there another arrangement of these books that you think could be just as poetic?
Let me know in the comments below!
Thanks for reading!


  1. So cool! OK, now I'm totally jonesing to ditch work, go home and stack some books! (Wait... I already have a house full of book stalactites. Maybe I've got some accidental poems waiting for me!) Loved hearing your voice, too, Nicole. Fun!

  2. I was wondering if I would have any accidental poems myself. I didn't really look, though. I felt like I had to read the poem because I wasn't sure it was clear. Is that crazy? I think that's crazy. Alas...

  3. Okay, here's my book title poem. Named for the first book on the shelf. Lots of fun!

    "The Dynamic Universe"

    Clouds in a Glass of Beer
    Becoming Light.
    Sacred Voices
    Teaching with Fire.
    Thunderstones and Shooting Stars
    Claiming the Spirit Within.
    Minds of Our Own
    Lifting Titan's Veil.

    Fictional Planet

  4. OH! I love it! Beautiful! Thank you for sharing it. You have set the bar high, I will have to dig deep for my next one! ;)

  5. That is a fun idea and I may have to try it with my books. =D

  6. I love Falling Kingdoms! (Yes, that is the first thing that came to mind xD)

  7. Shall I confess that I still haven't read it? GAH! I'm blushing. I won it at last year's BEA and just haven't dug in yet!!