Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Why Is Everyone Being So Mean?

It all begins with a simple post, like this one:
Funniest part is that it should say "you're"!
I love these, so every time I am on Facebook and I come across one I'm hooked. I read carefully, I come up with my answer, read the riddle again for confidence and then I dive into the comments to see what everyone else got.

And that's when it happens.

Every single time.

The masses disappoint me.

Why does everyone have to be so mean to those who guess incorrectly? Here are some of the statements from tonight's comment section:
  • " It's Mary. You people are idiots. Mary's dad had 5 daughters. It names 4. Mary is the 5th daughter. I just lost all hope in humanity."
  • "MARY...you morons...!!! Read it...'Mary's father...'"
  • "Mary duhhh" (this one might not be malicious)
  •  "Mary... dumbasses"
I won't go on. I think you get the picture. I just don't understand why we feel the need to berate each other in these situations. First of all, these are supposed to be fun. I think everyone knows that this is not what determines whether or not your IQ is at genius level. Secondly, does anyone truly believe that everyone reads their Facebook News Feed with 100% of their attention? But, most importantly, are people not allowed to make mistakes anymore?

This type of behavior - berating others when mistakes are made - is something that I would not tolerate in my classroom. I celebrated mistakes. How do we learn without making mistakes? I read and reread riddles like this one, because, in the past, I was caught by one. I learned from that. I smile at all the people who write "Nunu" as their answer, because I imagine it is their first time seeing this type of riddle. I know they'll kick themselves when they realize why they are wrong and, I imagine that they'll laugh when they realize it, like I did. 

 How are people supposed to laugh when they are being called "an idiot," "a moron," or "a dumbass"?

I don't know if this hits me especially hard because of my history in the classroom. I don't know if it is because I know that this is how children behave before they learn how harmful it can be. And I don't want to berate these people for making a mistake, themselves, in the way they treat people they don't even know. However, I wish that they could learn from these mistakes and not get so twisted because a complete stranger made a silly mistake on a riddle in a Facebook post.

 To love one another is so very simple, I know some day we'll all get it.

Thank you so much for reading!

And just remember...



  1. First time I glanced at that, I knew the answer was Mary. Then when I was scrolling back through and saw it again, I thought the answer was Nunu. LOL

  2. I never do the riddles, not good at them, don't like them, and don't find them entertaining. But, totally agree people can be very rude on facebook and other forums. I think they think when typing it's not the same as being rude in person...they're wrong. In fact it might be worse, more people see it and it doesn't go away. A-Z a bit unsure how to do these signatures that want people to sign in from twitter or facebook etc. I don't understand the purpose. If one does, you're then taking to their facebook or twitter page vs to their blog...??doesn't that defeat the purpose?

  3. This is a big part of my point! These things are tricky - getting it wrong or right doesn't prove anything. They just make me laugh when they "catch" me! I wish people wouldn't be so harsh in these situations.

  4. Sandy, I think you are absolutely right about the typing giving people the feeling that they can be rude when they otherwise wouldn't be. That is a HUGE problem these days, and I am not sure how to solve it.

    As for the comment system I use (DISQUS), I picked it to encourage all readers to comment on my blog. DISQUS allows links to be posted within the comment area so bloggers can post whatever links (or images!) they want to in their comment. You can also create an account that links back to your blog. However, for those readers who do not have a blog, DISQUS gives a familiar way to log in using social media so non-bloggers do not feel like they are not invited into the conversation as well.