Monday, April 29, 2013

Writing A Novel - YouTube

I love YouTube. After a long day of writing and reading, sometimes I just need to let people talk at me. It doesn't always have to involve goats sounding like humans, cats doing cat-things, or auto-tuned remakes of a clip of the news from somewhere in the world. Many times I let YouTube inspire me, remind me why I'm doing what I'm doing and show me that I am not alone.

I figured, since we are nearing the end of a very intense month, that you too might just need someone to talk at you. Here are some great YouTube videos to help you stay inspired.

Ira Glass says, "Fight your way through that."

Jack White says, "Inspiration and work ethic ride right next to each other."

John Green says, "Books are made in revision."

(*The long one*) Neil Gaiman says, "The problems of failure are hard. The problems of success can be harder."

I can go on here.There are so many great people sharing great things on YouTube. Happy viewing!
Thanks for reading!

Do you have an inspirational, or writer-friendly YouTube video that you loved?
Beyond books, where else do you find your writing inspiration?


  1. I'll have to check out some of these links. I've read some good books written by John Green and Neil Gaiman, and I'd be curious to see what these authors have to say about the craft and life of writing.

    Cynthia from RITNB

  2. Those two gentlemen are among my favorite authors, not only for their writing, but also for their fan accessibility. I have learned so much by following both of them from afar. As for the other two videos: Ira Glass is from public radio and is know for "This American Life" where Jack White is actually a musician (from The White Stripes), his advice is relevant to anyone who needs creative drive to live.