Wednesday, May 1, 2013

IWSG - The Fun House Mirror

How could I possibly be writing an insecure writer blog post the day after I miraculously completed my second novel? Easy. Today is the day of reflecting. The day where I look back on the last month of creating, writing and inventing and warp it. I look into my writer's reflecting glass and can help but see how terrible my novel is. Why am I doing this to myself? Because I am a writer and writers are insecure.

In the last 20 hours I have told myself
  • I should just trash the novel now that I am done with it.
  • I should give up on novel writing all together.
  • Instead of revising, I should just start over because the first draft is so worthless. goes on from there. With every insecure thought I remind myself that I somehow wrote over 15,000 words yesterday and that there are good pieces in the story. It may not live to be a full length novel, but perhaps parts will be short stories or novellas.  I keep telling myself all the things I know I should be proud of, and I am proud of, but in the quiet in-betweens my insecure voice returns. I let her talk, sometimes I listen, but I promise I won't let her rule me!

Thanks for the support!
How do you keep your insecure voice quiet? 


  1. So, I picked your blog on Alex's IWSG list just because I like the word play. If your novel has that kid of fun, it can't be trash. Being a teacher has to give you an edge if you write for kids. So there's a bit of security for this month :)

  2. It's the first draft, it's allowed to be crappy. That's why we edit! Polish that baby up until it shines.

  3. Thanks so much Sher! That's some awesome security to glom on to! ("glom" is a word that I am pretty sure I made up, but I hope it becomes widely accepted soon).