Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Audiobook Giveaway!

While you are enjoying a summer of reading, don't forget my favorite way to absorb stories: through audiobooks! Four years ago this week, I was diagnosed with a condition that had the audacity to try and steal my vision. For nearly two years, the only type of "reading" I did was with my headphones. I will forever be grateful to the audiobook industry for the beautiful escape it afforded me while I lived in recovery. Until this day, I plug into an audiobook whenever I need to truly unwind, or when my symptoms dare to steal all other pleasures away (like last night, for instance).

In celebration of my diagnosis and my first steps on my road to recovery, I would like to share the joy of audiobooks with you, thanks to Hachette Audio. At BookExpo America at the beginning of the month, the good people of Hachette Audio shared some free audiobook downloads with me to bring to YOU! And, yes, you read that correctly: I have downloads - that's plural - for this giveaway there will be THREE winners, so your chances are even better than usual that you will win this prize.

Here's what each lucky winner will receive:
1. The full audiobook editions of FIVE James Patterson Books for the whole family
-Alex Cross, Run
-Private Berlin
-Second Honeymoon
-I, Funny
-Middle School: The Worst Years Of My Life 

2. A Sampler Download including
-a full story, "Dentists Without Borders," from David Sedaris's new collection LET'S EXPLORE DIABETES WITH OWLS
-the entirety of Lemony Snicket's wonderful THE DARK (read by Neil Gaiman)
-and many more great excerpts from new audiobooks 

Does this sound like something you might be interested in? Use the widget below to enter now:

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  1. What a great give away! Thank you so much for sharing the audiobooks. I'm glad they provided you with mind-enriching activities while your eyes needed a break.

  2. My pleasure, Tammy! I really love audiobooks so much and I think more people need to see how AMAZING they have gotten over the years!!

  3. I LOVE JAMES PATTERSON AND LEMONY SNICKET <3 And it's read by Niel Gaiman, so that's even better!!

  4. Audiobooks actually helped me with depression-induced insomnia. I'm so glad they helped you while you recovered!