Thursday, June 27, 2013

Prepping For Camp

I never went to summer camp as a child. We had a big swimming pool in our backyard and the rest of the neighborhood used us as camp. We used to jokingly call our house "The Vaiana Cabana" for all of its summer frivolity. When I was in college mom had the pool taken out in favor of a more practical two car driveway. I didn't argue as I knew I'd moving on in life soon enough and would have to find a home with a pool of my own.

Fast forward more than a decade later and here I am, in the same house with no pool to speak of and summer looming over me. I finally need camp!

Perhaps that's why I find myself so excited that Camp NaNoWriMo is back again this July! Next week I'll be packing up all of my idle time and shipping it off to writing land. Of course, this will probably slow up my reading a bit and, in turn, my reviewing, but hopefully not detrimentally because I have been enjoying it immensely!

Right now I am in the prepping stages. I'm gathering support in my virtual cabin with cabin mates from my online writing group as well as my "in real life" writing group. I am deciding what project I am going to work on for the month (I think I came to a conclusion on that front last night) and I am reminding my husband that the binge writing is on its way again.

Twenty four hours ago I had no idea what I was going to work on in July. Last night I pulled out my writer's notebook and began to free write. I'm excited by what it gave me. I came out of last night's work with two projects I want to work on! So now I'll just have to work out which comes first and hope I am up to the task.

I have participated in two other NaNoWriMos. I have two completed first drafts as a result. I was tempted to take this time to rework one of them. There are good stories buried under all the crappy writing, I just know it. However, through each process I have learned so much about how to approach this and I want to walk in to this project with those educated eyes. We'll see where it takes me. 

If you, too, are planning on taking the plunge into NaNoWriMo binge writing, let me know - the more the merrier in terms of support staff.

For now, I am going to do some more laundry and bake some writing brownies so I am free from distraction in July and full of sugary energy.

What do you think of these writing challenges?
Have you taken one on yourself? If so, what was the result of your commitment?


  1. I'm so glad we're together again! Good luck with your brownies!

  2. I hope your camp has s'mores!

    I did a modified version of NANOWRIMO for the last 2 years. I wrote a blog post a day for the entire month of March. While not a novel, it definitely helped me feel like I was in control of my blog, as opposed to it being a my evil task master. Mentally having that goal helped me tremendously.