Friday, August 2, 2013

How Do You Turn Down A Review Request?

This week's question from Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer (submitted by Silver's Reviews) is about how we turn down reviews.

Since I am fairly new to the book blogging game and reviewing at request, I can not say that this issue has come up too often for me. The thing is, if it has, it is most likely as a result of my own health holding me back from juggling too many (if any) projects at that time. In these situations, I simply explain my limitations to the person requesting and cross my fingers that they understand.

Health Gets In The Way 
I think one of the hardest things I have had to deal with in the last couple of months is working up the courage to "Just say NO" to things I really want to do or am interested in. A perfect example would be severing my writing relationship with Word of The Nerd. I truly enjoyed writing for that website, but I knew I couldn't do what they needed me to in order to help their website grow. There were deadlines and stories that would pop up out of nowhere in the middle of the day that needed to be written quickly. I know my health is simply not consistent enough to keep up with that kind of working anymore. It would not be fair for me to take on the job and leave a number of stories dangling when there could be someone else who is much more qualified to keep the site running. I struggled for a long time with my decision and, when it came time, I just told them the deal. It's rough. I wrote a lot of cool stories that I never would have on my own. There are times I miss that terribly. (By the way, if anyone is interested in writing for them, they are always looking for cool people.)

I Always Forget About Guest Posts

 Coming back to the issue of rejecting reviews, I really like one of the things Billy Burgess says he does - he offers the authors a guest post spot on his blog. This is brilliant! Particularly with my issue, this kills two birds with one stone. First, the author gets an opportunity to spread the word about his/her writing using my blog, and second, I get a post on my blog on a day when I am possibly not feeling up to the task! I have to remember the power of guest posts.

For fellow reviewers out there, how do you turn down a review request?


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  1. I hope you are doing better. I know that our health could really slow us down, sometimes stops us, from doing the things we want to do.

    My Friday Memes

  2. I have to say no if it's a genre I'm not interested in. I try to only read books that I'm pretty sure I'll like.

  3. I'll have to consider this if I want to support an author but not read the book

  4. thanks for coming by :) like vicki, i couldn't possibly offer a guest post for a book i have no interest in .. (folowing u back btw on GFC and Twitter!)

  5. I do guest posts at times, but only for a book that would be in my genre.

    As for the turning down the request, I reply to each request whether it is a yes or a no. :)

    Declining is tricky, but it can be done graciously as I have seen from many answers today including mine. :)

    Stop by for my full answer if you like.

    Happy Hopping!!

    Silver's Reviews
    My Blog Hop Answer

  6. I'm sorry to hear that your health is keeping you from doing things you really enjoy, like participating in WORD OF THE NERD. By the way, I've never heard of this site, so I'll go check it out. Thanks for posting about it! And I do hope you get better soon! : )
    Turning down review requests is never easy, if the request is coming directly from an author. For me, it's not a problem if a publisher or publicist is the one making the request. I can be honest about why I'm refusing, too. I can't do that with an author. I'm too afraid to hurt their feelings.
    I wouldn't mind offering an author a guest post or interview, as long as the book doesn't have any of the things I dislike, such as extremely vulgar language, extremely graphic sex scenes (such as in erotica), or very graphic violence.
    Thanks for your thoughts!! : )

  7. It's tough to give up things you enjoy because your health won't allow you to give it your all, but maybe you can go back to Word of the Nerd or a similar website once you're feeling 100% again. Guest posts always have that 'substitute teacher' feeling for me, but if you need to skip a post for health/personal reasons, or you're on vacation it's good to have someone who can step in and add a new perspective. And I enjoy reading about another writer's current project or blog. Nothing wrong with a little self-promotion, right? ;-)

    Pieces of Amber

  8. Agreed! I understand your substitute teacher feeling, but I think having a published author write on my sight would be an extreme honor! Perhaps I am biased in my view of guest posters.

  9. I think you are absolutely right. If I learned anything from my time at BEA, it's that publishers and publicists want it straight.

    Will you read this? Is it your thing? If it is not, that's fine, let's not wastes anyone's time.
    On the other hand, an author's book is like their child! It's a different kind of conversation in that case, depending on the author.

  10. Thanks for a great question this week, Elizabeth. It is something I needed to think about, even though it is not an issue for me *yet* ;)

  11. Thanks so much for the follow! Since I am a writer also, I always have an interest in writers and their craft regardless of the genre that thy write, so, in that sense, I suppose I am coming at this from a different perspective :)

  12. Thanks so much Vonnie. Today's a good day, and that is awesome! I take them as they come and try to enjoy them as much as possible when they do :)

  13. I have a couple of genres I try to avoid, but not many. Perhaps as I delve deeper into the world of reviewing I will begin to hone in on the types of writing I *really* like and, therefore, be better equipped to decide based on genres and synopses which ones will click with me!

  14. I think it is a nice compromise!
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting!!

  15. You are welcome. I like to think of questions that are helpful to bloggers. The answers are always so good, don't you think?