Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What's Up Wednesday

Ready for the rundown? Each Wednesday, for What's Up Wednesday Jaime Morrow asks us What we're reading, what we're writing, what inspires us and what else we're up to. Here are my answers:

What I'm Reading

I need to finish The Fantastic Family Whipple, so I'm setting my focus on that one until I finish it up.

My graphic novel group picked 1602 by Neil Gaiman for our next meeting which I am super excited about, but I have to let it sit (I have to finish it by August 26th if you want to read it with me!). I also got a bunch of audiobook review copies that I am looking forward to listening to, but I'm not even going to mention them because I AM NOT READING ANYTHING ELSE UNTIL I FINISH THE WHIPPLES! (Here's hoping I get through it by the end of the day!)

What I Am Writing

I am blogging like crazy and trying to find the balance. So far the only writing I have been able to do outside of my posts here on Rivera Runs Through It and those on StoryDam, has been my contribution to the Trifecta Writing Challenges that I have been posting each Thursday. I know I will be able to screw my head back on in September, so that's just about the only reason I am looking forward to the end of summer.

What Inspires Me Right Now

The incredible weather.  Here in Staten Island, the last week has been nothing but sunny and in the mid seventies. I have done everything in power to get outside every single day, even bringing my laptop out to the front lawn just to get my posts written without missing out on the beauty.

What Else I'm Up To

I went to an early showing of Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters which I will be writing a review of as soon as I finish this post.

As I mentioned earlier, my graphic novel book club met this Monday. We discussed The Poor Bastard which more people liked than I thought possible. 

I have been hanging out with my cousins kids this week. They are adorable and hilarious.

Last Saturday was my five year anniversary, which was low-key awesomeness. (I posted tons of pictures on my Instagram, which there is a link to in the sidebar.)

Your turn!
What are you reading?
What are you writing?
What's inspiring you RIGHT NOW?
What else have you been up to? 


  1. That weather does sound lovely ^_^ Enjoy every second of it.

    Happy anniversary too! :D

    Have a wonderful week.

  2. Congrats on your five year anniversary!! :)

    And how cool to be a part of a graphic novel group! That sound like a ton of fun.

    I'm with you on the blogging vs. writing thing. Sometimes I spend so much time blogging that I forget that I'm actually supposed to be finishing my edits. Queen of procrastination nation over here. :)

    Hope you have a great week!

  3. I LOVE taking my laptop outside and working, but right now it's too hot during the day and I have to bathe in bug spray at night. So, I wait until fall. Enjoy though! I'm a little jealous!

  4. Happy 5th Anniversary to you and your hubby!

    That FANTASTIC FAMILY WHIPPLE book looks...fantastic! I love the cover. :-) And I have a confession to make: I've never read a Neil Gaiman book, graphic novel or otherwise. I feel like this is something I need to do at some point.

    Hope you have an awesome week!

  5. A graphic novel book club sounds super fun. I don't even read graphic novels, so I don't know why hearing about yours made me so excited, but it did. And yay for sunshine too. This summer has flowen by way to fast.

  6. Happy belated anniversary! Hope you had a great day :)

    I could use some of that good weather over here--what happened to the heatwave England was experiencing?! The rain and the grey is really putting a dampener (no pun intended!) on my favourite activity, reading good books in the sun. You sound like you're enjoying it, anyway, so I hope it keeps up for you :)

  7. Well, if it gives you any hope we went through a solid month of alternating between heat wave and monsoon-like rains before *all of a sudden* it turned beautiful. I keep telling my husband that if we have to go through that every year to have this many consecutive days of just plain beautiful, then I DON'T MIND!

  8. graphic novel book club sound so fun (and sort of like a band name). I've read like 2 graphic novels ever and would love to dive in to more.

  9. Graphic novels are incredible. There are so many types, so I am sure there is something that you'd like. What I love about the club is that it forces me to read a lot of books I probably never would pick up. Plus, the conversations we have about the books are really interesting. We have a really great group of people there :)

  10. YES!!!!! This has been my summer of Gaiman! I finally dove in to the Gaiman universe with a book of his short stories "Smoke & Mirrors" and I haven't looked back. I loved "The Ocean at the End of the Lane" which is new this summer, but he's got so many different books you can start with!

  11. Alison, I still can't believe that this has been possible for me in August! Usually these are the dog days of our New York summers, the heat is typically oppressive at this time of year!

  12. I love that you call yourself the "Queen of Procrastination" because I have always been deemed the princess! My Spanish teacher in college used to love saying that in her accent, "¡Oh my sweet Nicole, La Princessa de Procrastinacion!" <---it was sort of Spanglish, but that's what she called me :)

  13. Well, I've been thinking about adding a Picturebooks Anonymous recap post after each meeting just to share all the awesome reading that I've been doing and to expose more people to the books we are reading. The only problem is that I don't have any solid way to schedule them because the meetings get moved almost every month! But, it is looking like more and more people are curious about them, so I think I need to do it regardless! Stay tuned!!

  14. I'm a avid fan of the Percy Jackson books. but was disappointed with the first movie. However there is a shred of hope inside me hoping the second one won't be as disappointing. I'll look forward to your review. Thanks for sharing.

  15. My FirstBorn is a huge fan of the Percy Jackson books, and is looking forward to seeing the second movie. She wasn't impressed with the first, so I hope they do better for her this time.

    Have a great week, Nicole!

  16. congrats on 5 years! I just celebrated my anniversary with my husband and it was awesome. Good luck with writing and your book club.

  17. Oh I'd be interested to hear what you think of 1602, but FINISH reading that other book first! ;) Also, happy anniversary!!

    Going to pop over to your Percy Jackson review. I have very tempered expectations for the movie, especially since the 1st one was kind of awful. STILL, I also weirdly enjoyed the 1st one - like it wasn't a great book-to-movie & it was kinda all-over-the-place/bad but somehow entertaining & funny? So while the trailer for Movie 2 looks better/more accurate than the first movie was, I'm just hoping it entertains me, and I like Logan Lerman's Percy.