Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Long Way Down by Nick Hornby (Post 1) #Book2MovieClub

The first book in my #Book2MovieClub for this year is A Long Way Down by Nick Hornby. Hornby is a pretty well known author and books that are turning into movies are usually pretty popular, so I didn't think I'd have any problems getting my hands on this book to read for January even though I had decided I was going to read it on January 14th, halfway through the month.

I was wrong.

Barnes & Noble Failed Me

The night after I wrote my blog post announcing my decision to undertake this reading challenge for the 2014 calendar year I went right up the block to my Barnes & Noble with a solitary goal in mind: buy the book A Long Way Down by Nick Hornby. As usual, the store was stacked with thousands of possible reads to tempt me with - shelves upon shelves of options to delve into, but the one book I was looking for was nowhere to be found. I went to the Customer Service desk to ask where thy were hiding it when I was told that they were out, but they could order it for me.

Fine. I figured it was my fault for waiting to the last second and assuming the world revolved around my reading pleasure. "How long will it take?" I asked, as I was used to the response of, "Two days," when I had previously ordered books in this fashion.

Not this time. This time the book was on back order! "A week, maybe two," was the unwelcomed response. I left the store feeling downtrodden, but not willing to give up.

Amazon To The Rescue

As soon as I got home I ordered my copy of A Long Way Down from Amazon. I received my copy (and still haven't gotten my call from Barnes & Noble about their copy of the book!), but I have not finished it at all!

My Reflections So Far

I will say, quite honestly, that I usually steer clear of books about suicidal characters. They never appeal to me. However, so far this book has been quite compelling and I am happy that it is on my list! I haven't even passed page 100, so I don't want to write about the book with any authority tonight, but I at least wanted to check in on the day I said I would (though I am realizing just now that it is well beyond midnight, so it is not, in fact, the last Wednesday of the month anymore after all!).

My Plan for Completion

I am going to finish this book by Friday and come back to post a "Post 2" with my complete reflection of the book and my hopes for the movie to come. If you have already read this book and wish to discuss it, you may do so either in response to this post, or, if you prefer, you may wait until my Friday post. I promise this won't happen in February as I already have that book in my possession!


If you want to join in the #Book2MovieClub for this read or any of the books to come this year and you have a blog, please enter your URL below!

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  1. Heya Nicole! I'm popping by from the #StoryDam linky. I'm curious to hear how you feel about the book after you read it. Like you, suicidal characters don't often appeal to me, but I am a fan of Nick Hornby, so... I'll await your verdict. :)