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Three Things To Make This The Best Year of My Life [Question of the Day]

A couple of weeks ago, I opened up my Question of the Day, by Al Katkowsky book in order to do a book review of it on However, in the process, I got to re-reading the questions and thinking this book would make an excellent starting point for some blog posts.

I decided to dive back into it, using to pick a page/question to write about first. There are 343 questions in the book and I already wrote an answer to question 53, so that's the only random number I could reject if it came up. Here's what gave me:
I couldn't believe how appropriate the question was for this month when I read it!
We have just started a brand new year. It is the time to think of new beginnings, resolutions and thinking about what you need to do to grow as a human being. I do believe that the next twelve months will be among the best in my life. This is the year in which I will finally meet my first child. This leads me to the first thing I need to do to make this the best year of my life.

Healthy, Happy Labor

I'm looking ahead a bit here. This isn't happening until sometime this Spring, but it is essential to an awesome year and happy life. I have been blessed (so far) with an incredibly healthy and happy pregnancy which, after the years of insanity with my chronic diseases has been pleasantly surprising. However, I'm going to push the envelope here and request that this continues well into and after my labor and into the life of my baby boy. He deserves the best!

A Return To My Wordy Loves

Whether it was pregnancy brain, or general life-overwhelm, I'm not sure I will ever know for sure, but the end of 2013 took me away from both my reading and writing for the first time in years. I know the year ahead of me will have its own beautiful challenges for me to overcome, but I need to find a way to ensure that my own personal loves weave their way in between all the fantastic madness! I have already made the new year's resolution to write every day and I have returned to my reading as well, but neither habit has reached the ferocity they once experienced. Whether or not they ever will, I suppose I will have to wait and see, but in the meantime I will appreciate every moment that they share in my time.

Reviving Nicole

As if being pregnant wasn't blessing enough, part of what has come with it has been a long-missed feeling of healthiness. Due to my good feelings I have also felt like I could head back into some of my former ways - including socializing and organizing my life. First of all, I have always worried about raising a child with my Boo Radley lifestyle, but if these feelings keep up, I won't have to worry about that anymore! I'd love to take this year to reconnect with many of the people I have shut out over the last couple of years while I've been healing. Little by little I have begun the reconnection and I just pray it can continue! Secondly, I used to be one of the most organized (although my room was a hot mess) people in my family. While outwardly my surroundings looked chaotic, I had my finances, communications and work in tip-top shape at all times. With my sickness and loss of vision, most of this fell by the wayside and spun wildly out of control. NOT ANYMORE. In fact, in recent weeks if there has been anything stealing time from my writing it has been this act of me grabbing back onto the reigns of my life. It is a worthy cause and will not take me forever to set into place, but I have a four year (+) mess to clean up, so it is taking a bit of time.

What three things will you have to do to ensure the next twelve months are the best of your life?

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  1. This was interesting and fun to read. I will check out the book. Three things...To use my usually debilitating fear as a motivator instead of inhibitor, to be totally engaged in being self-motivated, and to give the time needed not only to my work, but to my health and family as well. I guess that sums it up! Good luck to you and your new little one!