Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Alphabet Breakdown?!

You may be wondering how I could dare to enter into motherhood when it appears that I do not know my own ABC's! I promise I know them well and I fully recognize that I am committing a major A to Z Challenge faux pas this week by stalling my posts, but I will be filling in the blanks very soon. 

I am currently posting this from my phone, in a hotel room, where my hubby and I have escaped for what we believe to be our "last hurrah!" So many people have showered us with the doom and gloom talk about how much our life is going to change an how difficult it will be to have any alone time once our baby shows up that we decided (even though I'll be 36weeks pregnant on Friday!) that we'd fly the coop in my husband's last work vacation before baby so that we could detach ourselves from all responsibilities one last time! 

I had planned on scheduling my posts ahead when I knew this was coming, but, instead I'll have to post backwards when I get back home. I apologize to those of you who have been loyally checking in with me - this whole baby-prep thing has taken up a lot of my free time in the last couple of weeks than I anticipated. However, I have been loving doing the work for my A to Z Challenge theme: Writers on Writing and look forward to a complete alphabet's-worth of posts by the month's end!


  1. We forgive you! Enjoy your time away. It's not all doom and gloom, just busy busy...there is a difference :)

  2. Sometimes I think A to Z is an endurance challenge. But don't feel bad for taking some time off while you can. Enjoy your vacation!

  3. baby prep is a pretty exciting thing. enjoy.

  4. Baby prepping! Why that's a horse of a different color! Do that! Enjoy your time. My sincerest apologies for the Wizard of Oz reference. It's been rattling around in my head of late. :)