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Lots of pro bloggers do a lot of talking about niche. They say you need to find one, you need to define yours, and that without one you’ll be scrambling. Personally, I’m torn over this topic. For the uninformed, let’s begin with a simple definition of the term.

What is a Niche?
In the world of blogging, niche refers to your blog’s focus or main topic of discussion. gives us two definitions of the niche, but only one applies to our discussion here:

a place or position suitable or appropriate for a person or thing:

to find one’s niche in the business world.
For many bloggers, they feel quite lost without finding their niche in the blogging world. 
The Pros of Picking a Niche
Imagine walking into a book store where all of the books are just lined up all over the walls without any sort of categorization. Mysteries could be mixed in with cookbooks and romance novels, children’s books could be found along with horror and erotica. How would you find the types of books YOU wanted to read? This is pretty much how the blogging world looks to most people. If you pick a niche and make it clear to the blogging world, you take yourself out of those piles of madness and put your blog on a nicely labeled shelf where your readers can find you!
The Cons of Picking a Single Niche
I can only identify one issue with selecting a niche for your blog. It is, however, a pretty big one: boredom. What happens when you are sick of writing about one particular topic, but your readers still expect you to write about it? It is something to think about before deciding what you want your niche to be. Please pick something you are passionate about, not the latest topic that you think will drive the most traffic to your blog! Selecting the latter option is an easy path to madness.

Blogging Without a NicheContrary to popular belief, a niche is not a requirement in blogging. Your blogging career/hobby/playtime can be whatever you want it to be. If you don’t want to pick a niche, you don’t have to. In fact, your niche-lessness may have its own audience waiting for it, just remember it may be a little bit harder to find them.


What are your feeling about niche?

What is your blog’s niche?

What other niches have you considered writing about? What stopped you?


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