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Reading is fundamental in nearly all endeavors, however it is particularly important when what you are doing is writing. When you rededicate yourself to your blog, make sure you are taking at least some of your time to read.

What To Read and Why

When deciding what to read, there really is no way to go wrong. Any and all reading will help you, but there are some specific reading assignments you may want to focus on from time to time.

  • Other Blogs Reading other blogs will help you make connections with other bloggers and a broader audience. It will also help you to identify trending topics and questions you may be able to answer for your audience.
  • Magazines Darren Rowse, ProBlogger and author of 31 Days to Build a Better Blog recommends reading and analyzing print magazines in order to identify topics to write about and to see what types of designs the print media are using to capture their audience’s attention. This is a great tool in helping to determine how to design your own blog.
  • Op-Ed Pages The op-ed pages of your local newspaper are great places to find fantastic blogging material. These are the places, before the Internet surfaced, where we could find controversial and thought-provoking topics of discussion. They still do this. Take a piece that interests (or enrages) you and share your reflections on it with your audience!

Time for you to share your thoughts:

What types of things do you like to read? How do they help you blog?

When was the last time you wrote a blog post as a result of something you read? What was it?


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