Craft a Masterfully Minded Custom Mascot

Mascots intrigue customers to check out your business, and they help to remind potential clients about your products and services. However, a poor mascot decision is just as bad as, if not worse than, no mascot at all. When you’re surrounded by a sea of mascot customes and possibilities, make your decisions with care to ensure the most profitable business outcome.

Identify Your Target Audience
When you make decisions for your business, you must always keep the needs of your target audience in mind. As you identify possible mascot choices, ask yourself if they are appealing to the members of your target audience. You want these individuals to feel intrigued by the mascots in a positive way. For example, a frightening mascot might attract the wrong type of attention from a target audience composed of young mothers and their babies.

Sketch, Sketch and Sketch Again
If you were putting together a new marketing plan or developing a new product, you would likely have a few drafts before the final concept came into fruition. Get together the best artists on your team; ask them if they can create on paper the vision that is in your head. Viewing these images together gives you a substantial base from which to work. You may decide to incorporate some elements from one drawing and some from another.

Customize Your Mascot
You do not need to feel as though you must select from an array of currently available mascots, but you can get into that mindset when you browse through costumes. Instead, allow yourself to design custom mascots. Your mascot should display elements of your unique business, and you are not going to find another mascot out there that accomplishes this goal.

Incorporate Your Business
The mascot should not become an entity that people loosely identify with your business. When they look at the mascot, they should immediately know that this creature springs from your company. You can include the company logo on the mascot’s shirt, which should be in the company colors, for example.

Use Location Information
While your mascot will act as a marketing tool for you, you also need to ensure that people know how to contact the company later. Including contact information on the mascot’s attire is a smart decision. You may want to have a representative stand near the mascot so that he or she can hand out business cards to interested parties. In general, mascots do not speak as they lose their sense of mysticism, which is a quality that draws people in.

Putting together your mascot is an important part of establishing a solid business plan, and taking this step can help you to generate greater profits in the near future. There is more information to be found at the Hogtown Mascots Inc. website.


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