The Ultimate Guide to Education Degrees

Teaching is a very noble profession. With the lives of your students to shape, you really have to understand why you want to be a teacher. A teacher will not only impart knowledge to her students but will teach them the essence of hard work and how to live in the society. Before you decide on becoming a teacher, you have to evaluate yourself first. Are you the kind of person who loves being around children? Are you patient? Can you make a good and quick decision? Are you strict enough to enforce rules? Are you able to make adjustments whenever there is a diversion from the original plan and are you caring enough? Apart from the teaching certificates and education degrees, you have to evaluate your interests and know if teaching truly suits you.

After doing an evaluation of what your interest are, try and have a little experience on how it feels to be in a classroom set up. This you can achieve by being a volunteer or being a class assistant in your local school. This way, you will interact with older teachers and know exactly what’s required of you. After carefully examining your interest and having a feel for how it is to be in a classroom, it’s time for you to arm yourself with relevant certifications. Being a teacher with relevant teaching certificates and education degrees is a plus when looking for a job. Teacher training programs and relevant teacher professional development courses will elevate you into becoming the most sought out teacher in your field.

It doesn’t matter what education degree you want to major in; there are some basic knowledge you have to acquire before you receive your teaching certificate and these are;

• Child development and psychology- this will help you understand how the minds of children develop.

• Curriculum- helps you in planning your lessons.

• Course methods- helps you understand the methods you will use while teaching.

• Assessment –this helps you know how to assess your students’ progress.

• Special education- equips you with knowledge on how to handle students with special needs.

Education degrees are done either online or on a full-time basis you just choose which option you are comfortable with. Before taking an education degree, it’s important to know the following;


Know exactly what subjects you enjoy teaching. This will help you focus on one area that you can fully deliver in and make your student perform highly. Focusing on what you enjoy also helps you stay with the current ways of delivering quality teaching materials in that particular subject.

Choose if you will take your degree on full time or part time basis;

Depending on your preferences, you can attain your degree either part-time or full-time.


Ensure that you plan on how you will finance your education because you don’t want to stop middle way.

Enroll into a reputable university;

Ensure that the school you enroll in for your education degree program is recognized and its reputation is beyond reproach.

To excel in teaching, have the right education, and this is possible by getting an education degree which will make you acquire the right teaching certificates. This will make you get the most out of your career. Even after being employed always increase your knowledge by enrolling in programs that teach training programs and professional development programs that help you stay up to date with the current ways of teaching. More information and resources can be found on the University of Western Ontario Faculty of Education website.


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