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Reviving Your Blog – Offline

Chances are, if you need to revive your blog, you are well acquainted with the world offline, but did you know that it is relevant to your blogging? When it comes time to revive your blog make sure you continue to make time for offline influences.

How Offline Life Can Help Your Blog

Here are just some of the things in you can do your offline life that can help you to revive your blog:

  • Review Products You Love While offline you are using stuff, reading books, watching TV shows and movies – maybe you are even going to the theater o out to eat. These are all things you can bring back to your blog. You can write reviews for your readers, or, if reviewing is not something you want to bring to your blog, then you can just share relevant parts of the experience.
  • Take Pictures! On “K” day of this month, we discussed “Kodak Moments.” Pictures are very important to blogging. Finding stock photos appropriate to your individual posts with the types of permissions for you to use can be difficult and time consuming. So, save yourself the headaches, get offline, take your camera with you, and take some pictures.
  • Go Shopping One of the assignments in the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog challenge is to go to the Mall. Why? To see how stores attract their customers. So get out and see what types of things you can do to attract new readers to your revitalized blog!

Getting Offline To Cure Online Boredom

Finally, getting offline is important in its most basic sense in order to just keep your mind fresh. Getting off the computer and spending time with real humans doing tangible activities can breathe new life into all of your blogging just because it is something different. This may seem like an obvious thing to state if you already have a healthy offline life, but, for many (me included in my many years of chronic sickness) it takes a concerted effort to make the time to be offline. If this is you, I promise it is worth it!

Share Your Thoughts In The Comments Section:

What kinds of offline activities do you participate in that help your blogging?

How much of your blogging is based on the life you lead offline? Could you increase this amount? Is that something that interests you, or do you prefer to keep your online and offline lives separate?