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Reviving Your Blog – Schedule

Well, this is one of those “why don’t you just practice what you preach, Nicole” blog posts. A key component to reviving your blog – particularly when the need for revival has occurred due to a severe cut in the amount of time you can devote to your blog – is the schedule. There are a number of ways to use the schedule, so you can pick which best suits you, but the fact is it will only work if you actually use it (again… I am looking at you, Nicole, right in the mirror!).

How To Schedule Your Blog Posts

Whatever your blogging platform is, there is a scheduling feature available. For me, on Blogger it is right beneath the section where I add the labels. I simply select a date and time I wish a blog post to be published and then I select to the “publish” button. When I do so, the post will not go live until the date ad time selected.

Ways to Use Schedule

Depending on your needs, there are different ways you can approach the schedule. Here are a couple to consider:

  • The Binge Schedule This is a technique where you can possibly carve out one solid block of blogging time, rather than find the time on a regular basis. Let’s say you have a couple of hours of time on a Sunday that you can call “your own,” you can use this time to write your entire week’s worth of blog posts and then schedule them. You are then freed up for the rest of the week!
  • The Themed Schedule Are you the type of person who gets really excited about one topic at a time, but you want your blog to have a more diverse feel? Rather than post all of your writings on one thing at once, you can schedule them to occur on a weekly or even monthly basis!
  • The Just In Case Schedule Schedules are even useful to bloggers who are able to blog consistently. There are always times when life gets in the way – sickness, holidays, or other distraction – use your schedule feature to be prepared. You can write posts ahead and leave them in draft until needed. When your rainy day shows up, just pop into your bloggin platform and schedule it to cover your butt! I know one blogger who dedicates herself to writing as much as she can one month per year so that she has enough extra blog posts to cover her at least once per month.
  • The Schedule of Shame This final use of schedule is one that I am participating in right now. I am scheduling posts in the past – making up for the letters I missed earlier this month. Using the schedule feature, anyone who comes to visit my blog later on will not know that I “missed” days – they will all appear with the appropriate dates. It is magical. Using schedule you can rewrite your past!


How do you use the schedule feature on your blog?

Do you prefer to write on a regular basis, or to schedule ahead? Why?